Inert recycled materials

Sensitive to environmental issues and always attentive to its social responsibility, SAIMP, in addition to using an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001: 2015 certification and having a photovoltaic system for energy production in a sustainable manner, for years  is committed for their production processes to have low impacts on the territory.

The company feels that proper reuse of the noble waste of construction work, such as concrete conglomerates, bituminous conglomerates, demolition materials, etc., should be the logical consequence of its environmental policies.

For several years it has been active in the recovery and recycling of inert waste by means of property recovery, in ordinary procedure pursuant to art. 208 of D.152 / 06. Such recycled inert waste, which has the denomination of Primary Secondary Substances certified according to UNI EN 13242, can be reused in the construction of road substrates, environmental remediation, recovery and filling, and reuse of raw materials for the recycling of raw materials, Building which cement and bituminous conglomerates.