Conglomerates and bituminous emulsions

SAIMP has been working for several decades in the field of the production and sale of asphalt.

Specifically, the company deals with the production of:

  • Asphalt
  • Modified asphalt
  • Draining asphalt
  • Fiber-reinforced asphalt
  • Polymers asphalt
  • Colored asphalt
  • High module asphalt
  • Cold asphalt

And the sale of bituminous emulsions.

Fibrorinforced ashpalt, high modulus, enhanced by the addition of polymers or rubber dust, draining, in particular anti-slip, are produced by high performance features.

The entire production process is certified by UNI EN 13108-1 (conventional conglomerate), UNI EN 13108-7 (draining conglomerates) and UNI EN 13108-5 (anti-slip conglomerates). By virtue of its principles of respect for the environment, SAIMP also produces certified asphalt with the addition of recycled inert materials certified to CE.