Company profile

For three generations SAIMP is committed to the realization of great works to the service of citizens and businesses.

SAIMP is an Italian company always focused on international technologies and innovations, operating in public and private works and infrastructure sectors.

Passion, engagement and professionalism are the common denominator of the business sectors, which include:

  • Realization of civil buildings, industrial, commercial and sport facilities
  • Realization of road, airport and rail infrastructures
  • Sewerage system, aqueducts, works of irrigation and of evacuation
  • River works, argins protection, hydraulic and drainage works
  • Naturalistic engineering works
  • Groundworks
  • Construction of steel structural components
  • Realization of special structural works
  • Potable and purification plants
  • Realization of green and urban furniture
  • Realization of pavings and special superstructures
  • Production of asphalt, cement conglomerates, inerts and recycled inerts material.

Qualified and up-to-date staff, selected collaborators, leading tools and instruments and certified materials make the company a solid and reliable partner.

The story of SAIMP begins in the immediate post-war period when the grandfather Pietro launched an activity in inert materials transport sector, the demolition and excavation of destroyed buildings and the reconstruction of the country.

A few decades later, their father, Angelo, inherited the business and expanded into road construction, sewerage system and asphalt works.

In the 1990s, the company was assigned to his sons, Marco and Paolo Luca, who further developed the production areas thanks to an assembly plant for bituminous conglomerates and the possibility of extracting inert materials.

Born officially as a trademark in 1979, S.A.I.M.P. today also deals with the production of bitumuinous conglomerates and emulsions, cement conglomerate, inert and recycled inert, using the latest state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies and meeting the standards required by industry certifications, ensuring its customers the highest quality standards.

Over the last decade, it has developed financial capability to develop Leasing in Constructing and Project financing for the public sector.

S.A.I.M.P. is associated with ANCE, National Association of Manufacturers Buildings, representing nationally private entrepreneurs operating in the public works, housing, commercial and industrial sectors.