In order to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction to its customers and employees, the protection of the environment and the protection of the health and safety of employees, S.A.I.M.P. Has chosen to have an Integrated Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of some of the major standards.

Meet your customers' needs, constantly improve their integrated management system, protect their employees and employees, and comply with social regulations are the goals the company strives to adhere to.

For these reasons, the entire production cycle is carried out in accordance withISO 9001:2015, which guarantees the strict quality standards of the products and materials manufactured.

By virtue of its social responsibility and interest in protecting the environment and preventing pollution, the company has decided to use an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001:2015.

For ISO 45001:2018 certification, its employees are responsible for the proper management of health and safety at work. It allows you to evaluate the risks and improve your performance with the assurance of compliance with specified security policies.

S.A.I.M.P. SRL developed and acquired a certificated energy-management system, according to UNI EN ISO 50001:2018 standard, in order to reduce energetic impact of its business and to improve its energetic performance.

The company is also a "qualified builder for public works", having obtained the SOA certification for qualification for public works.

The same materials produced are fully certified in quality and production process: the production of bituminous conglomerates is carried out in accordance with UNI EN 13108 , while the production of cement-based conglomerates complies with the technical standards for construction according to DM 17.01.2018.

Similarly, SAIMP's steel structures comply with EN 1090-1:2009 standard quality standards, as well as recycled inerts, which have been manufactured to conform to the factory production control requirements of EN13242.

S.A.I.M.P. SRL pursues, both in its daily operation and in a strategic perspective, the full realization of the requirements required by UNI ISO 37001:2016.