Company policy

S.A.I.M.P. SRL has implemented and documented, with the decisive participation of the staff, its integrated Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 15 standards; UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015; OHSAS 18001: 07, SA8000, Reg. 305/2011 and UNI EN ISO 37001.

It intends to formalize its commitment to pursuing customer satisfaction, environmental protection, and the protection of workers' health and safety.

To this end, it identifies as primary objectives for the organization's activities:

  • The full satisfaction of customer needs, respecting the expectations and rights of the other parties involved.
  • Continuous improvement of the integrated management system.
  • Environmental protection and pollution prevention, also through the full involvement of historical suppliers.
  • The commitment to protect the health and safety of all those who work for and on behalf of the company in order to prevent injury and occupational diseases.
  • Do not use child labor or forced labor.
  • Respect the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
  • Condemn all illegal conduct likely to conflict with dignity or physical and / or moral integrity.
  • Compliance with social, environmental and health and safety regulations for workers.

  • The company aims to reach them through its organization by systematically implementing:

  • Quality control of the service provided such as: construction and maintenance of roads, urbanization works, production of bituminous conglomerate.
  • Staff training on how the continuity and success of the company are linked to the ability to meet customer needs and legal requirements;
  • a system of authority and responsibility, communicating it within the organization;
  • the use of adequate resources for the management of activities and new safer, more efficient and eco-compatible technologies;
  • internal communication of the results obtained by the Integrated Management System;
  • The search for an improvement in productivity.
  • Improvement of the environmental compatibility of the vehicle fleet and operating sites.
  • The planning of risk prevention and protection activities.

  • The customer's needs and expectations are met through the utmost commitment in the execution of the service.

    In the belief that the implementation of the policy and objectives is possible only following the correct functioning of the integrated system, as of today all the function managers, the workers both in the office and on site, are required to implement the provisions contained in the Integrated Manual in the areas of its competence.

    The continuous growth of the service must be pursued through the regular review of the same aimed at monitoring the pre-established objectives and recognizing any areas for improvement.


    At S.A.I.M.P. SRL there are no values more important than loyalty, fairness and honesty. Values which with commitment and consistency we try to convey and look for in our employees and partners, such as suppliers, shareholders, and stakeholders. Hence the company's commitment to preserving its integrity in terms of preventing and fighting corruption.

    S.A.I.M.P. SRL pursues, both in its daily operations and strategic perspective, the full implementation of the requirements proposed by the UNI ISO 37001: 2016 standard. In full compliance with the mandatory legislation and all the provisions required by international standards, it pursues the commitment to prevent and counter the occurrence of any form of illegality in its activities, assuming, among its commitments and values, that of business ethics, through which it infuses loyalty, correctness, transparency, honesty and integrity.

    S.A.I.M.P. SRL conducts its business ethically by observing all laws, rules and regulations regarding anti-corruption in order not to be involved in any corruption case and not to facilitate or risk involvement in illicit situations, both in relations with public and private entities.

    The purpose of this Policy is to prohibit, prevent and counter all forms of corruption, such as "abuse of power for personal gain" and unethical procedures enticed with promise, instigation, demand, incentives or other benefits.

    It is our company's firm belief that people play a critical role in the most accurate and transparent management of the company to prevent corruption. To achieve this objective, this Policy provides all those who work on behalf or in the interest of S.A.I.M.P. SRL the principles and rules to follow to guarantee compliance with the Anti-Corruption Laws and integrity and to satisfy the objectives and scopes of the Anti-Corruption System. Therefore we are committed to:

  • Guarantee functionality, reliability, transparency, ethics and integrity in our conduct.
  • Sensitize all business associates about corporate anti-corruption rules.
  • Raise awareness to all stakeholders about the prevention of corruption.
  • Involve, sensitize and train our staff, to understand the effects that one's behavior must and can have on anti-corruption.
  • and effective implementation of the system integrated by the company.

  • S.A.I.M.P. SRL undertakes to implement, support and periodically verify the Integrated Policy, to disclose it to all the people who work for the company or on its behalf, to make it available to the public, to verify the degree of understanding and implementation and adequacy through the tools defined in the Integrated Manual.

    The employer
    Ms Vezzio Piera Isabella